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SCUP and Adobe – headache Number 1

Windows 8 rolled into our office a couple of years ago now. I came across a problem with Flash not installing on the Windows 8 PCs.

I’ve been deploying Flash via Config Manager as a Software Update since I managed to get System Centre Updates Publisher (SCUP) working. I had not previously encountered a problem with it… however it steadfastly refused to install, and constantly reported a failure in the Software Centre.

I wondered if it was some kind of certificate issue with Windows 8 or perhaps something to do with Windows 8 already having Flash installed.

…but no, it was a typical, er expected?, Adobe cock up.

I must admit I ignored this problem for as long as I could (several months).

This isn't the issue you're looking for. /MovealongMovealong

This isn’t the issue you’re looking for. /Movealong

We didn’t support Windows 8 at that point, and quite frankly I am getting sick of the attitude where people can do what the hell they like and expect I.T. to run around after them picking the pieces.

*ahem* Anyway!

I took a look at this age old pain, and noticed something which had passed everyone, myself included, by. The Flash update failing to install wasn’t the monthly release, it was failing to install version I dug into this and found that Adobe had released this version of Flash with a set of Installable or Installed rules that did not work with Windows 8. In effect, the update was not applicable for Windows 8, but due to how the rules were set, the client would never realise this and was always erroneously marked as required.

Amusingly the machines were actually installing the monthly release of Flash, where required.

I expired the update in SCUP, published it, synced the Config Manager SUP and the problem went away.

Quite why Adobe couldn’t maintain their catalogue correctly is another question, as this is a known issue.

The TechNet forum post I found deserves a mention; once I realised it was version, this post clarified for me what was happening.