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Same WSUS, different day!

WSUS, you gotta love it. I keep reiterating everywhere I go that WSUS is resource intensive and needs to be looked at. I had another typical WSUS fault, which I will briefly share.

Noted an issue with updates not installing via the Software Centre. There were a series of updates queued past their deadline, but never installing.

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Office 2013 and KB3101488

This is a bit of a retrospective post rant.

In November we were well into the swing of a migration from Office 2010 to Office 2013. The vast majority of the update alpha test group were running Office 2010. The vast majority of the beta test group were Office 2013.

As part of the November 2015 monthly release, I deployed KB3101488. It went through the alpha testing and no issues were recorded… but as noted above, we were light on the ground for Office 2013 :-/

Worryingly, it sailed through beta testing.

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