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Virtualising Firefox with App-V 5 SP3

Hey there. I’ve been a bit quiet of late but sadly I am not doing much in the way of ground breaking IT (lol?) due to stuff going on at work. We’ve got a restructure of the entire Company going on, coupled with an internal restructure of the IT division in conjunction with a Voluntary Redundancy Scheme (where noone seems to know who will still be here once implemented).

Fun times.

I thought I’d plug the gap by posting up my recipe for Firefox. I’ve seen a few ways of virtualising this app, but as yet none quite like mine. All the files I use have their contents in this post; you’re free to copy them ad inifitnitum.

Bear in mind that I started this recipe waaaaaay back with SoftGrid 4.2 and Firefox v3.x! Oh and another thing, I rolled out App-V 5 SP3. With this version of the Sequencer, there is no PVAD any more. As in, you don’t need to know the install directory path in advance!

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