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Config Manager 2012 SP2 CU1 et al

So we upgraded to CU1 (KB3074857), and applied the following hofixes:


Another fine mess.

Another fine mess.

All looked ticketyboo, however when testing the client, I received the following error when attempting to uninstall the Config Manager client:

<![LOG[Failed to load mdmregistration.dll with error 0x8007007e]LOG]!><time=”14:49:36.523+00″ date=”11-03-2015″ component=”ccmsetup” context=”” type=”3″ thread=”5224″ file=”mdmreg.h:78″>

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Automatic Client Upgrade

With the advent of 5.00.8239.1000, the site had a major build upgrade (as opposed to a minor build change a la hotfix) and yet another client update to rollout. Normally I would do a client push and slipstream in the client MSI using the clientpatch hack here.

Quite frankly, I was getting a bit tired of pushing the client over the course of a month 😀

So I decided to investigate something that had been bugging me for a while: Automatic Client Upgrade, and why the option was greyed out to enable it was greyed out.

I believe this is a new, as in new to Config Manager 2012, option. We still have the tradition client deployment options either as an automated Client Push or as a Software Update based installation:

Old skool Config Manager!

Old skool Config Manager!

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Deploying A New MP – Error 4957

So I finally managed to get a server deployed to a remote site, connected via a throttled WAN link. It only took three years or political style lobbying, before it was agreed that two or three hundred people pulling their monthly software updates down a capped WAN link probably needed to be changed.

I gleefully fell upon my server, and dived straight in. Admittedly this was a mistake. I haven’t setup a Management or Distribution Point for some time, and I had forgotten a couple of key points.

Namely pre-requisites, but they’re boring, right?

I dived in, just about remembered how to sort the web server certificate and the distribution point full private key; IIS was installed with the same options as per the existing Management Points. What could now go wrong? I sat back and basked in my all-encompassing glory.

Of course it didn’t work though. Now yes, Config Manager loves to chuck out errors the first time it does something, but when you’re still getting those errors an hour later, you’ve derped something.

Honestly boss, I've got this.

Honestly boss, I’ve got this.

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SCCM 2012 R2 CU5

Short but sweet…

System Centre COnfiguration Manager 2012 R2 CU5 has been released, and it is rather delicious! For me personally, it allegedly addresses an issue I have ben seeing, and in fact, quite possibly made Microsoft aware of via TechNet and our Microsoft Support Partner. Specifically:

Software distribution fails when the client cache is full and virtual applications have been deployed.

Errors that resemble the following are recorded in the Cas.log file on the client:

  • IsCacheCopyNeeded returned ‘true’ by {content id}

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Upgrading to Config Manager R2 CU4

We’ve been having a few oddities of late, especially with our DPs. I was starting to think some of this was down to the migration to HTTPS. I was loathe to consider it, as I am very much attached to the work that I did. Plus, I just think that HTTPS is cool.

Anyway, it suddenly dawned upon me that Cumulative Update 4 was available. I was not terribly keen to look at it, as I am still rolling out the CU3 client. However my jaw dropped when i saw the fix list on the Microsoft page. Basically, if you have applied CU3, then you’d be crackers not to apply CU4. It fixes a lot of stuff CU3 broke.

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The FSP and dead machines

Quite a few years back, I realised that the FSP was good. In fact so goo,d that I pushed hard for a VM to host the FSP service, back when I was working with Config Manager 2007. Having visibility of deployment failures was an absolute boon. At least until I realised that there was noone to actually go and fix the problems that I found.

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Desired Configuration Management – Remediating Services

Following on from my whine post about how i got into Desired Configuration Management, I decided to push this as a priority. I wanted to increase the capacity of the baseline, and wanted to include all manner of cool things.

For now, SERVICES!

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