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SCUP and a PKI Certificate – SCUP Headache NUmber 2!

Following on from the WSUS/SUP rebuild I blogged about here, I noticed that all SCUP updates in Config Manager were flagged up with a grey cross. All except the most recent Adobe reader/ acrobat/flash which were in the monthly test cycle.

I downloaded all the updates and everything seemed to be fine.

However reports started to float in for reader/acrobat/flash failing to install, with error code  0x80091007. The failures were only limited to the very latest updates, which were now live. The older SCUP updates installed fine.

Uh oh… too much of a coincidence here.

I tried removing the affected updates from the SUGs and deleting them from the package; I published and resigned the updates but this had no affect. I then deleted the updates from SCUP and removed the catalogue; next I imported the library from Adobe but interestingly the updates were now marked as expired. I duplicated them and tagged as MKII. and published into the WSUS catalogue.

This now worked… the affected updates, or rather the MKII versions, now installed without any errors. Strangely the original updates are flagged as not expired but if I attempted to publish them, it would error stating they are expired.



The root cause? I’m not sure but I am going to suggest that having them in multiple SUGs as part of the monthly testing and rollout ended up with them being stuck in our WSUS catalogue signed with the old self-signed certificate. It is very odd how it only affected these three… Maybe I missed the initial clear out but it’s strange that from the word go they had a green icon instead of the grey cross like other SCUP updates.

Anyway, prodigious use of duplicate and “MKII” saved the day 😛