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CCMSETUP failure(s)

Okies, a quickie!

I’m now migrating in anger, lol, and making an effort to keep on top of the client deployment failures reported to my FSP server. This one caught my eye:

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Config Manager Current Branch Delta Downloads and WSUS


So I am having a bit of fun with finally getting round to migrating to Current Branch. there are a lot of cool new features, which tbh, I probably don’t need but I am like a child in a sweet shop!

I noted that we have a new log called DeltaDownload – it was just sat there humming quietly to itself though. Little did I know it was about to unleash hell.

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Config Manager client scan error

Yup, I’ve been a bit quiet of late.

Out of the blue, my Windows 10 device suddenly stopped patching. I checked the WUAHANDLER.log and found something new. Which is always nice. Here is the log:

Cheers Microsoft.

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Config Manager 2012 Current Branch

Well it’s been a while. Work has been topsy turvy, with inane restructure taking place concurrently with other company wide restructures. Reassuring it is not… Anyway, I’ve found some desire to blog again after seeing some of the really useful stuff in the Current Branch (CB) of Config Manager. Continue reading