Config Manager client scan error

Yup, I’ve been a bit quiet of late.

Out of the blue, my Windows 10 device suddenly stopped patching. I checked the WUAHANDLER.log and found something new. Which is always nice. Here is the log:

Cheers Microsoft.

So this stumped me; I’ve never seen this 0x80240fff before. Thankfully, the IT crutch that is to most lame IT admins such as myself, Google already had the answer (so technically I am surfing on the back on someone else’s hard work, but meh).

There is an issue, which Microsoft have admitted is a now a known bug, with WSUS and Windows 10. There’s a shock. Sorry hang on, *another* bastard bug with WIndows 10 and WSUS (let’s not mention all the fecking languages that come down even though you explicitly only select ONE).

From what I can gather, the KB, KB3012973, is a cover all for all Windows 10 Feature Upgrades. How clever. Surely a separate KB for each build, no? One for 15xx, 16xx and now 17xx. However Microsoft decided to lump them all into one KB reference.

As soon as WSUS synced 17xx, my 15xx failed.

So, to fix it. I found the search feature in WSUS to marginally less useful than a chocolate fireguard. I added the KB articles view, and ordered by KB. Now I could see every item under said KB, about 1,200 updates. Then I blocked selected them, and changed the order to title. Now I could deselect the only update I needed, which was:

Feature update to Windows 10 Enterprise, version 1607, en-gb

…as per here:

I guess I have to do it myself huh?

A quick sync of the Config Manager SUP, and my PC was once again happily scanning for updates.

Oh and I managed to get the feature upgrade to 16xx.

Of course the key thing here is managing the issue. You *do* have to remember what has been declined in order to move forwards, once your estate is all at 16xx. ‘Cos it’s that easy, right?

Anyway, links for further reading:

Take care o/


Flame on xD

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