Key Management Service – Is it Working?

Really quick post!

Following my setup of multiple KMS servers in my domain, I was desperate to know if things were working. A new KMS server will need a minimum of activations before you’ll see anything on a client. So how do you know if it is working?

It’s simple!

I found this great post here; in a nutshell, on the client, check for the following event IDs:

  • 12288
  • 12289

Filter the logs first though:

Otherwise, suddenly... logs?

Otherwise, suddenly… logs?

…and hopefully you’ll something like this:



If you have these two events, your client is talking to a KMS and receiving a reply. Click on the event, and you can see which KMS it is talking to.

Event ID 12288.

Event ID 12288.

Event ID 12289.

Event ID 12289.

Go to the KMS host, and you should see corresponding event IDs:

  • 12290
Server says... YES.

Server says… YES.

Don’t forget that KMS hosts require a minimum number of requests before they’ll activate. You’ll most likely see error 0xC004F042, but bear in mind that said error can cover multiple different issues.

That is all.


Flame on xD

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