Config Manager 2012 Current Branch

Well it’s been a while. Work has been topsy turvy, with inane restructure taking place concurrently with other company wide restructures. Reassuring it is not… Anyway, I’ve found some desire to blog again after seeing some of the really useful stuff in the Current Branch (CB) of Config Manager.
I refer to:



The client cache size has been a thorn in our sides for many months now. the default of a few GB is pathetically small. If you’re chundering out something like Matlab, into a machine running for over a year, then you take a hit of failures due to the cache size.

Changing it on the fly is a pain too – having the option to change it as a client setting is a Godsend.

+1 from me.

it also looks as though they’ve polished the branch caching options, which to be fair, were utterly poop in previous versions of Config Manager.

I will look at them once we’ve got our new CB servers up and running.

Tally ho.


Flame on xD

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