Config Manager client Deployment Error – VCREDIST

Every now and then I’ll work through the Fallback Status Point deployment failures; it’s good to keep on top of the numbers and it’s obviously needed if you wan to patch your PCs. There are naturally an abundance of errors, but this one was quite interesting:

FSP for the win.

FSP for the win.

Deployment Error: 0x80070652. Pre-req: vcredist_x86.exe

So straight to the ccmsetup.log. I can see that there is indeed an issue with the VCREDIST install. I am getting an exit code of 1618 and an error code or 0x80070652. That tarrys with the FSP, but it doesn’t explain much.

CCMSETUP.LOG reporting in

CCMSETUP.LOG reporting in

So let’s go to the specific log. Check the same folder as the CCMSETUP.LOG, there will be a host of other logs… true to form, there was a log for the install of VCREDIST:

Going deeper...

Going deeper…

So I am on the right track, but nothing of use as yet. It’s still a bit generic “something went wrong”. I scrolled further down the log and hit something tasty:

Sherlock would be proud? Well maybe not.

Sherlock would be proud? Well maybe not.

Failed to grab execution mutex. System error 258

Ahhh I’ve been here before. this error basically means there are multiple attempts of an install and the MSI installer is throwing its toys out of the pram. I am not sure why it happens, however it’s easy enough to work around. I killed the CCMSETUP install process, and installed the VCREDIST manually using the command line and options detailed in the CCMSETUP.LOG.

VCREDIST installed without any complaints… I then fired off the CCMSETUP install request, and this sailed through:

Sweeeeet (tm).

Sweeeeet ™.

…and now, the Software Centre is ready to rock and roll. Update me up baby.

You are patched.

You are patched.


Flame on xD

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