Office 2013 and KB3101488

This is a bit of a retrospective post rant.

In November we were well into the swing of a migration from Office 2010 to Office 2013. The vast majority of the update alpha test group were running Office 2010. The vast majority of the beta test group were Office 2013.

As part of the November 2015 monthly release, I deployed KB3101488. It went through the alpha testing and no issues were recorded… but as noted above, we were light on the ground for Office 2013 :-/

Worryingly, it sailed through beta testing.

It went out to the live environment and ouch, it kicked off worse than kicking out time on a Friday night. We tracked the issues down to KB3101488, and I was quite taken aback by the text:

“After you install this update, you may experience frequent crashes in Microsoft Outlook 2013. To resolve this problem, uninstall this update, and then install the November 19, 2015, update for Outlook 2013 (KB2975838).”

WHAT? Why is the damn thing still available via Windows Update, let alone WSUS? Further digging only caused greater irritation as KB2975838was *not* in the WSUS catalogue.

So I fell back to System Centre Update Publisher, SCUP. As KB2975838 only came in .EXE form, I exported the MSP using the following command:

“outlook2013-kb2975838-fullfile-x86-glb.exe /extract:C:\ExtractedFiles”

Credit needs to go to this post here!

However I found the quotation marks broke the command. So I ran it thus:

outlook2013-kb2975838-fullfile-x86-glb.exe /extract:C:\ExtractedFiles

…I then imported the MSP into SCUP, and configured the titles/descriptions to make it aesthetically pleasing. AS it was a MSP, all the rules and dead complicated stuff is automated.



Next I reconfigured Config Manager 2012 to look for this new update product. I went into the Administration Node and drilled down through the following:

Sites -> Configure Site Components -> Software Update Point

Don't forget to do this, or you'll be waiting for a long time to see it in Config Manager xD

Don’t forget to do this, or you’ll be waiting for a long time to see it in Config Manager xD

Click on the products tab, find the newly published product and off you go:

Alons y.

Alons y.

Finally, I syncd the Software Update Point. The new product type was be picked up, and I could now deploy the fix!

Why you no just expire the broken one?

Why you no just expire the broken one?

The most interesting part of this were the beta testers who advised they just ignored it, and decided to flag it as an issue once we hit full release. Marevlous; thanks for that folks.

Anyway, job done. Back to the doughnuts.


Flame on xD

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