Deploying A New MP – Error 4957

So I finally managed to get a server deployed to a remote site, connected via a throttled WAN link. It only took three years or political style lobbying, before it was agreed that two or three hundred people pulling their monthly software updates down a capped WAN link probably needed to be changed.

I gleefully fell upon my server, and dived straight in. Admittedly this was a mistake. I haven’t setup a Management or Distribution Point for some time, and I had forgotten a couple of key points.

Namely pre-requisites, but they’re boring, right?

I dived in, just about remembered how to sort the web server certificate and the distribution point full private key; IIS was installed with the same options as per the existing Management Points. What could now go wrong? I sat back and basked in my all-encompassing glory.

Of course it didn’t work though. Now yes, Config Manager loves to chuck out errors the first time it does something, but when you’re still getting those errors an hour later, you’ve derped something.

Honestly boss, I've got this.

Honestly boss, I’ve got this.

Aww crap. Well for a start I had forgotten to add the site server account to the new server’s local administrator group. Laughable, yes. However that easily explained the “access is denied” errors in the Management Point and Distribution Point MSI setup logs.

However I still had problems even after correcting this. I moused over, and perused the floating text. Which can be tricky when you’ve had a couple…

Say what, now?

Say what, now?


Hmmm so the error is pointing at BITS. I checked the server, but BITS is there and running. THen something, very faint, flickered. I had forgotten to add a feature. Then it came back to me; the BITS feature has an IIS component that *can* be added.

To the ServerManager Mobile.

Oh right, the "other" BITS.

Oh right, the “other” BITS.


I ticked the box to add the IIS Server Extension under BITS, and waited patiently for the component install retry a few minutes away:

Yah I was just testing the error reporting.

Yah I was just testing the error reporting.


All site and Components are now green, and breathe. After fifteen hours, the new distribution point was also synced up to the existing Distribution Group.

I cannot begin to imagine what it would have been like trying to run a Task Sequence, install software or even suffer the monthly software update release. Awkward :-/

I didn’t touch the boundaries until well after the Distribution Point Group was synced, as I didn’t want to introduce any further changes. However I will probably make that my next blog…


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