Windows Update Agent woe Part II

Following on from my blog here, I applied the server-side WSUS update, KB2938066. I then ran the server clean up wizard and was quite surprised at the numbers:



It does make me wonder if the server clean up wizard alone is enough. it’s something I need to look into… I would not have considered there to be so many deletions for a database that is cleaned up once a month. However I digress.

I was now happy with my primary upstream server. I then ran the update on the downstream WSUS server, and went through the process or removing superseded updates. Interestingly the numbers were quite similar:

Downstream server reporting in

Downstream server reporting in


I then tested a PC that had been rebuilt today and was displaying the error 8007000E in the Windows Update Agent log. I found that there were no issues, updates just came in when I told Config Manager to go and check. All good, apparently…

However one of my PCs in the alpha test group did not fair so well. I tried everything, but could neither shift the error nor get any of the this month’s software updates to appear in the software centre. I finally caved, and manually installed the client side fix, KB3056025. Amusingly, before the install had even completed, the software centre suddenly sprang into life and chucked out a load of updates to install.

Worryingly, some of these updates were from months ago… but that’s a symptom of this problem. Affected PCs report a compliant state when they are not xD

I rebooted this PC and updates started flowing in for this month’s release. Great, apparently 😉

I love the smell of WUSA fixes at 2300 hours

I love the smell of WUSA fixes at 2300 hours


Unfortunately this is where the “but” raises its intransigent head. Even though my two machines were now patching, everything that was “stuck” pre-fix was still stuck:

SCUP updates. Boorish things, don't you know!

SCUP updates. Boorish things, don’t you know!

Damn you to Hell!

Damn you to Hell!


So I am seeing a definite pattern. Some SCUP updates are getting stuck with a status of “preparing to download”, and everything else in that batch of updates is stuck with them. The current monthly release rolled through fine though.

I hopped on to my SCUP server and decided to resign and republish all my SCUP updates. I just fired through all the existing published Adobe plus the latest Firefox. I synced the SUP, and then cleaned out my existing SUGs, dropping all but the recent or required; I narrowed this Adobe pile down to Reader and Acrobat updates, and the last two Flash updates.

However PCs were still “stuck”. At this point it was 0100, so I pulled all the SCUP updates out of the Config Manager SUGs and snoozed.

The next day, I found that my stuck PCs were generally still stuck. However following a reboot, they decided to drop the SCUP updates, which was a relief. Following a Config Manager scan cycle, the remaining updates with a status of “waiting to install” started updating.

So, I am unsure if this SCUP issue is separate, but it is something of a coincidence to happen at the same time as this scan error raised its head. However all the affected PCs do need the Windows Update Agent update, and that can only go out as an application to my x86 PCs.

I am hopeful that having resigned, republished and subsequently re-downloaded  the SCUP updates, they will work again too.


Flame on xD

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