Upgrading to Config Manager R2 CU4

We’ve been having a few oddities of late, especially with our DPs. I was starting to think some of this was down to the migration to HTTPS. I was loathe to consider it, as I am very much attached to the work that I did. Plus, I just think that HTTPS is cool.

Anyway, it suddenly dawned upon me that Cumulative Update 4 was available. I was not terribly keen to look at it, as I am still rolling out the CU3 client. However my jaw dropped when i saw the fix list on the Microsoft page. Basically, if you have applied CU3, then you’d be crackers not to apply CU4. It fixes a lot of stuff CU3 broke.

I downloaded the update, and ran it against a peripheral server; it only hosts the application catalogue, and the console for delegated access. It was nice and easy; The reboot checker seemed to be very useful, as per the screenshots below:

off we trot.

off we trot.

Very handy. I'll reboot it now then!

Very handy. I’ll reboot it now then!

So I rebooted the server, and everything went green:

...and we're ready!

…and we’re ready!

The install was very straight forward. Within a few minutes it was done. I checked the console and it was reporting .1501.

I then ran the update on the site server. I had to boot off a few sessions belonging to erstwhile colleagues that seem to be incapable of remembering to log off, same old huh! As expected, this pulled up quite a few extra options. I selected the option to create client update distribution packages, but left the other two alone. I won’t be deploying the client packages though, I’ll be using the clientpatch hack, as per my blog here.

The install completed, and the console reported the correct minor build of .1501.

...and rest.

…and rest.

Next, the boot images. I updated the distribution points for both x86 and x64 boot images. I then dropped the updated .msp for the Config Manager clients into the clientpatch folder, and then updated the main Config Manager client package.

unfortunately this is where I hit my standard server work brown trouser moment.

The content transfer for the boot images and client package were both red.

I delved into the Site and Component Status, but everything was green. Okay, pulse is starting to race somewhat. So I had a  look at the PkgXferMgr.log, and found some juicy errors:

ExecStaticMethod failed (8004108a)
Error finalizing pending metadata only files for ‘e4f48dbc-05ca-45bd-8d8a-e4c0964fb830’. 8004108a
CSendFileAction::SendFiles failed; 0x8004108a
CSendFileAction::SendFiles failed; 0x8004108a

Uunfortunately I have no bloody idea what that means, and a quick Google did not really bring anything up. I decided to examine the component logs, and lo and behold, I found this gem:

That's for letting me know. Wankers.

That’s for letting me know. Wankers.

The text:

Site Component Manager successfully installed this component, However a reboot is required to complete the installation.   Possible cause: Some files could not be replaced because they were in use by another process Solution: Reboot the machine to complete the installation.   The component may not be fully operational until a reboot.

…which is odd as I did not run anything on either Distribution Point,

The update I applied to the site server seems to have pushed something to both of the Distribution Points, putting one into an inoperable state pending a reboot. The other Distribution Point simply fell over.

I’d hazard  guess that the mysterious failure of the other Distribution Point was down to the CU4 install too. Unless it just magically happened to suffer a “unexpected failure” right at the point the upgrade was taking place. Ahem.

So I bounced both DPs, and thankfully, content started transferring. EVerything went green.

I tested the clientpatch trick and that was working too.

First try.


Flame on xD

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