Missing Certificates and Config Manager Client Woe!

I do occasionally take the time to monitor the FSP logs, specifically for client deployment failures. I came across this little beauty of a problem:

FSP goodness.

FSP goodness.

Of course the error “Client deployment is waiting for client installation content from distributions points.” is erroneous. It’s a symptom of the problem, and can be ignored. I dug deeper, and looked at the ccmsetup.log.  It was a sea of red, as per below:

Follow the White Rabbit.

Follow the White Rabbit.

…but now we’re starting to get somewhere. It’s not a “Distribution Points” issue at all; the client  is complaining about certificate problems. Specifically: “Finding certificate by issuer chain returned error 80092004”, and if you read further down:

“There are no certificates in the ‘MY’ store”

Bingo! I checked the Personal Store on the affected PC, and it was empty. So now this isn’t a Config Manager issue per se, the machine isn’t even automatically enrolling. I tried to do this manually, and it too failed with the error:

Helpful. Thanks for that.

Helpful. Thanks for that.

I checked the enrollment properties and found:

On the trail!

On the trail!

No policy ID! So the PC isn’t even talking to the enrollment point.  I checked logs, nothing.

So I am a bit stuck. I suppose these things do happen! I have posted on TechNet and I’ll come back to this post later(tm)!


Flame on xD

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