My Blogpire for a Horse.

I like horses. No really.

I always have done, even as a child I remember badgering my Dad to take me horse riding. He did, once. I enjoyed it but he only ever took me once.

Anyway, fast forward thirty years and I’m a father, and I took my little girl horse riding. It was nothing intense, half an hour on a Saturday in a group. She loved it, I had thirty minutes of peace and quiet [and a coffee]. it was a pure win win situation. It only set me back £12 too. Cheaper and healthier than the cinema!

After a few months, I suddenly found a long lost passion rekindled inside me. I took the leap, and got on a horse too. I have to say that the first lesson was *the* most painful experience for my legs. I was not unfit, but back then I could’ve been fitter. I was unable to cross my legs under a desk at work for the next three or four days. Plus even two weeks after I had started taking private half hour lessons, my legs still felt like jelly on the clutch as I drove away.

I did jot down my experiences from when I first started; they make amusing reading for me now. I should blog them I suppose.

Well fast forward a couple more years and I am riding two or three times a week. I realised that I wanted my own horse, or perhaps a half share. I’d have half the horse and ride him when I wanted, and the Riding School would own the other half.

It works, but it hasn’t quite sunk in.

On Saturday I saw my horse (hmm?) in a lesson. Every time he trotted past, he would check me out. Quite heart warming! At the end of the lesson, I told the stable girl that I’d take my horse back to his stable and untack him.

Yeah, my horse.

I untacked, rugged him up and stood there with his head resting on my right shoulder. THen Mr Chips, in the stable to my left, poked his head round. I used to ride Chips exclusively, and we do have something of a food bond.

I ended up with Chips resting his head on my left shoulder, with Breeze resting his head on my right shoulder. They snuffle me, and occasionally each other.

It was both scary and exhilarating.

My horse xD


Flame on xD

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