CryptVerifyCertificateSignatureEx returned 0x80090006.

Whilst perusing my logs, ummmm, I came across this error:

CryptVerifyCertificateSignatureEx returned 0x80090006.

I have recently moved all the clients over to using a PKI certificate, as per this blog here, so I am very jumpy about certificate errors popping up.

The client seems to be okay though, so I did some googling… I came across this TechNet post.

TL:DR? It’s a good error, because it means self-signing isn’t working.

Perhaps we could go boldly and have an error if the PKI certificate isn’t working instead (see what I did there?), as opposed to an error something we are not using that isn’t meant to be working.

Wait, did you see? Split infinity… double negative? Okay 😛


Flame on xD

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