Same WSUS, different day!

WSUS, you gotta love it. I keep reiterating everywhere I go that WSUS is resource intensive and needs to be looked at. I had another typical WSUS fault, which I will briefly share.

Noted an issue with updates not installing via the Software Centre. There were a series of updates queued past their deadline, but never installing.

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Visio and Project Click to Run Installation

Hey all. A nice and easy job – but only if you’ve done it before. Thankfully I did this using the Click to Run (CTR) model at a former contract, so I naturally volunteered to take this work on. Sadly I did not blog the details, so it took me a wee refresher before I made any progress. I thought I’d best not make that mistake again…! Caveats… Continue reading

Oops It’s been a While…

Well I’ve been through a degree of work related turmoil, as I may have alluded to previously.

I have since left my previous role and taken up the sword of contracting.

It has to be said that it was the best decision I could’ve made. I’ve since met, and continue to meet, a great many skilled people and some bloody managers.

Any regrets? Only that I didn’t make this choice sooner!

I’ll be adding some posts shortly…

Config Manager Current Branch Delta Downloads and WSUS


So I am having a bit of fun with finally getting round to migrating to Current Branch. there are a lot of cool new features, which tbh, I probably don’t need but I am like a child in a sweet shop!

I noted that we have a new log called DeltaDownload – it was just sat there humming quietly to itself though. Little did I know it was about to unleash hell.

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SUP, WSUS and the 500!

I am, again, having issues with the WSUS database. After trying a multitude of things, I pulled the SUP off, and unijstalled WSUS. I then rebooted… all good, or so I thought.

The next day, I noted Config Manager node alerts from point of reboot. Yeah, that usual sinking feeling…

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