Extending Active Directory Schema for SCCM

Soooo quick job. Publish the main SCCM site into another domain.

Easy enough, there is an existing two way trust, so no issues there. Using the ADSI MMC, I connected to the target domain and browsed down to the System Container; I then had to manually create a new Container called Systems Management – this is currently a manual process.

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Migrating the Endpoint Protection Role

As with this series, it’s an ongoing project consisting of multiple stages.

Yes – this is out of sync, but I haven’t got around to the others as yet. I will do though!

So onto the Endpoint Protection Role. This role is as simplistic as it gets, and it should be a quick job. Needless to say, I booked a full day for it (just in case(tm)).

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Same WSUS, different day!

WSUS, you gotta love it. I keep reiterating everywhere I go that WSUS is resource intensive and needs to be looked at. I had another typical WSUS fault, which I will briefly share.

Noted an issue with updates not installing via the Software Centre. There were a series of updates queued past their deadline, but never installing.

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Visio and Project Click to Run Installation

Hey all. A nice and easy job – but only if you’ve done it before. Thankfully I did this using the Click to Run (CTR) model at a former contract, so I naturally volunteered to take this work on. Sadly I did not blog the details, so it took me a wee refresher before I made any progress. I thought I’d best not make that mistake again…! Caveats… Continue reading

Oops It’s been a While…

Well I’ve been through a degree of work related turmoil, as I may have alluded to previously.

I have since left my previous role and taken up the sword of contracting.

It has to be said that it was the best decision I could’ve made. I’ve since met, and continue to meet, a great many skilled people and some bloody managers.

Any regrets? Only that I didn’t make this choice sooner!

I’ll be adding some posts shortly…